Mobile Context SDK



Install in Minutes


Installing our SDK takes you 30 minutes. Building a battery optimized, normalized output for iOS and Android will cost you years. Trust us. We’ve been through it.


Battery Friendly


Our SDK consumes only ~2% of a total charge by running in the background. The same result would consume 20% of the battery on standard OS APIs.


Lower False Positives


False positives kill user experience. With native APIs you have a ~50% false positive rate for car trips. We cut it down to 10% for a typical urban driver.

Need to know when a user starts or ends a trip?
Then look no further!
Our SDK integrates into your mobile app within minutes. It then operates in the background with minimal battery drain. And it notifies you on user location changes.
Why use this? Much less work than native APIs. Lower battery drain than OS standard.
Cross-platform compatibility. Less false positives. And it’s completely free to run on the first 10,000 devices.